Meet the Staff

Meet the Little Red School House’s lovely and caring staff!

Brigitte’s FAVORITES:

Children’s Book: The Poetry of Robert Louis Stevenson. In French,

Color: I love navy blue.

Sport: I enjoy swimming and cross country skiing.

Flower: Every and any flower. All of the flowers are my favorite.

Hobby: Swimming and Cross Country Skiing

Fun Fact: Brigitte and her husband owned a restaurant in Aspen for many years.

Highlighted Accomplishments: Raising my children is my greatest accomplishment.

Why do you work with children? Because they are the future of our world.


Children’s Book: Abiyoyo by Peter Seeger

Color: Blue

Sport: Basketball

Flower: Lilacs

Hobby: beer brewing, skiing, ceramics

Movie: Labyrinth

Fun Fact: I twist balloons and make balloon decorations

Highlighted Accomplishments: Starting my own business (Aspen Balloon Company)

Why do you work with children? More fun than adults


Children’s Book: The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf.

Color: Grey + Black. Neutral colors!

Sport: Baseball. I love the rockies, but my favorite team is the Arizona Wildcats (my Godson’s high school baseball team).

Flower: Gerbera daisies

Hobby: Cleaning. I love to clean and organize. But, I hate dusting…

Movie: Forever My Girl. As for kids movies, Spirit.

Fun Fact: I was a cheerleading coach for 9 years for a coed team in AZ. The apaches one state 7 years in a row!

Highlighted Accomplishments: My best accomplishment is being a grandmother of 4. I’ve been married 39 years to my sweetie who I met when I was fourteen and am a mother to three sons.


Children’s Book: If I had to pick one book, The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein. Runner up is anything by Dr. Seuss.

Color: Orange

Sport: Lifelong member of the Red Sox Nation.

Flower: Penstemon

Hobby: Finding excuses to be outside.

Movie: The Princess Bride

Fun Fact: I love to dance.

Highlighted Accomplishments: I learn something new every day.

Why do you work with children? They are the smartest people I know.

Mallory’s FAVORITES:

Children’s Book: The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams.

Color: All the blues

Sport: Skiing, duh.

Flower: Lily

Hobby: Playing with my dog, Finley.

Movie: Too many choices. For kids movies, Wall-E.

Fun Fact: I can laugh at anything.

Highlighted Accomplishments: I’m the youngest fully certified ski instructor on Snowmass Mountain.


Children’s Book: The Beautiful OOPS by Barney Salzburg, Ish by Peter H Reynolds

Color: Turquoise if I HAD to choose one. (I am a color fanatic)

Sport: Baseball. I went to games with my dad almost every weekend growing up. Go Astros!

Flower: Peonies.

Hobby: Live music, creating art, outdoor adventures, traveling

Movie: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Crazy Stupid Love. Inside Out is my favorite movie- my friends often joke I am Joy.

Fun Fact: I have traveled around the world to 15+ countries. I cannot wait to see them all!

Highlighted Accomplishments: I am a huge optimist and have a deep love for color which led me to study Optimism and Color in graduate school. I now have my Master’s in Art Education. I continue to manipulate various works and create art installations around these two themes.

Why do you work with children? They are the delight of the world. Their childlike wonder inspires me!


Children’s Book: Die Kleine Hexe (The Little Witch), Pippi Langstrumpf- German

Color: A tie between blue and green

Sport:Snowshoeing and hiking

Flower: I like sunflowers.

Hobby: Traveling. I knit and crochet. I also love to cook dishes from all over the world.

Movie: The lion king

Fun Fact: I am learning to play the ukulele


Children’s Book:Any and all of the Dr. Seuss books for young kids, the Harry Potter series for older

Color:Blue & purple




Movie:Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Fun Fact:I did my student teaching in Ireland

Highlighted Accomplishments:Raising my very cool kid Zoe.  She is becoming a strong and smart individual and I like watching her grow.

Why do you work with children? I want to give kids the very best opportunity to be successful in life and I want them to like learning.

Shannon’s FAVORITES:

Children’s Book: It’s a hard choice. E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little are two of my top choices.

Color: Aquamarine

Sport: It’s a toss up between skiing and road biking.

Flower: Yellow Roses.

Hobby: I spend my time reading, cooking, and exercising in any way shape or form.

Movie: Gone with the Wind. The Sound of Music is my favorite kids movie.

Highlighted Accomplishments: Being a single mom and raising a now fully accomplished and self-sufficient adult. I also have the joy of creating and

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