Meet the Staff

Meet the Little Red School House’s lovely and caring staff!

Brigitte’s FAVORITES:

Children’s Book: The Poetry of Robert Louis Stevenson. In French,

Color: I love navy blue.

Sport: I enjoy swimming and cross country skiing.

Flower: Every and any flower. All of the flowers are my favorite.

Hobby: Swimming and Cross Country Skiing

Fun Fact: Brigitte and her husband owned a restaurant in Aspen for many years.

Highlighted Accomplishments: Raising my children is my greatest accomplishment.

Why do you work with children? Because they are the future of our world.


Children’s Book: Abiyoyo by Peter Seeger

Color: Blue

Sport: Basketball

Flower: Lilacs

Hobby: beer brewing, skiing, ceramics

Movie: Labyrinth

Fun Fact: I twist balloons and make balloon decorations

Highlighted Accomplishments: Starting my own business (Aspen Balloon Company)

Why do you work with children? More fun than adults


Children’s Book: The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf.

Color: Grey + Black. Neutral colors!

Sport: Baseball. I love the rockies, but my favorite team is the Arizona Wildcats (my Godson’s high school baseball team).

Flower: Gerbera daisies

Hobby: Cleaning. I love to clean and organize. But, I hate dusting…

Movie: Forever My Girl. As for kids movies, Spirit.

Fun Fact: I was a cheerleading coach for 9 years for a coed team in AZ. The apaches one state 7 years in a row!

Highlighted Accomplishments: My best accomplishment is being a grandmother of 4. I’ve been married 39 years to my sweetie who I met when I was fourteen and am a mother to three sons.

Mallory’s FAVORITES:

Children’s Book: The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams.

Color: All the blues

Sport: Skiing, duh.

Flower: Lily

Hobby: Playing with my dog, Finley.

Movie: Too many choices. For kids movies, Wall-E.

Fun Fact: I can laugh at anything.

Highlighted Accomplishments: I’m the youngest fully certified ski instructor on Snowmass Mountain.


Children’s Book: Die Kleine Hexe (The Little Witch), Pippi Langstrumpf- German

Color: A tie between blue and green

Sport:Snowshoeing and hiking

Flower: I like sunflowers.

Hobby: Traveling. I knit and crochet. I also love to cook dishes from all over the world.

Movie: The lion king

Fun Fact: I am learning to play the ukulele


Children’s Book:Any and all of the Dr. Seuss books for young kids, the Harry Potter series for older

Color:Blue & purple




Movie:Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Fun Fact:I did my student teaching in Ireland

Highlighted Accomplishments:Raising my very cool kid Zoe.  She is becoming a strong and smart individual and I like watching her grow.

Why do you work with children? I want to give kids the very best opportunity to be successful in life and I want them to like learning.

Shannon’s FAVORITES:

Children’s Book: It’s a hard choice. E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little are two of my top choices.

Color: Aquamarine

Sport: It’s a toss up between skiing and road biking.

Flower: Yellow Roses.

Hobby: I spend my time reading, cooking, and exercising in any way shape or form.

Movie: Gone with the Wind. The Sound of Music is my favorite kids movie.

Highlighted Accomplishments: Being a single mom and raising a now fully accomplished and self-sufficient adult. I also have the joy of creating and

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