Preschool Class 3 – 5 Years

IMG_4197Our preschool class is set up in a way that encourages positive social interactions and promotes the development of self help skills in your child. Our goal in this classroom is to build on the foundation that has been laid and take the basic skills that your child has developed and push them on to the next level. Socially your child is able to start developing deeper friendships, and really begin to care about each other instead of just themselves. We encourage friends to check on each other, to work through their differences with words, and to begin to take on more responsibility for them-selves. Academically we begin to introduce pre kindergarten skills as your child is ready. You might see a teacher working on writing a child’s name with one child, but with another may be working on pre letter shapes such as lines, curves, and arcs. Our room is set up with different interest areas in mind: math & science, dramatic play, art, reading & writing, blocks & a listening center in order to stimulate their growing minds. With having a mixed age class the children rely on each other to learn new things. Our younger friends are able to watch the older ones master a skill, and then the older ones are able to help the younger children along, much like you would see in a family setting.

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