IMG_4175The Curriculum at the Little Red School House is designed to meet the needs of the individual children enrolled in our programs. Great care is taken and effort made to assess children’s interests and skill levels and to use these assessments as building blocks for our curriculum development.

In our world ordinary items become the extraordinary! Preschoolers take yarn and plastic wrap and make jellyfish for their spray painted ocean (spray bottles filled with watercolor paint), paper bags become fish, egg cartons become leis, newspaper becomes hula skirts. Our Toddlers turn paper plates into crabs and toilet paper rolls into sharks. Messes are the order of the day, not only do we make the messes, we learn to help clean them up!

IMG_4199Scientific experiments are commonplace…ranging from learning to put on our shoes, solving the dilemma of how to turn on the water faucet to wash our hands, watching what water does to dry sand, seeing the change when milk is poured into flour to make the batter for muffins, to watching caterpillars spin cocoons and those cocoons develop into butterflies while learning about the wonder of metamorphosis.

Our music, dramatic play, manipulative and gross motor items, blocks, sand and water play, library and listening center, light tables and writing center all play a part in enhancing social skills, cognitive development (the ability to reason a problem through to its conclusion), as well as emotional and physical development.


For children play is our work and hard work it is! We laugh, we cry, we dig in the dirt, we cook, we have fun, we play. And while we play and have fun, we LEARN!

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